Roman Blind Safety Rings (x16)


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Product Description

  • Quick safety upgrade – Easy to add!
  • Elegant ‘glass-style’ design (in clear Nylon)
  • Simple design requiring one single screw
  • Proven Design – Used on UK compliant kits and compatible with our Breakaway devices
  • Works with most cord types, regardless of thickness
Looking to upgrade existing blinds to be child safe?
If you want to upgrade your current Roman Blinds and Shades inline with safety standards and legislation, these kits will save you time, money and effort.
Need help or instruction fitting?
For further help creating or upgrading to safer Roman Blinds and Shades, try our easy 10-step video course, with tools, tips and techniques used by professionals.


Video course on how to make safer roman blinds and shades using easyproblinds

Course information:

  • Duration: 10 steps of around 1 minute each
  • works on: all devices (iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Certified – yes
  • Includes a unique discount voucher for our video course

Learn to make safer roman blinds and shades, anytime at your pace without leaving your house!


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